Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let's Have A Laugh! -- 1

And I hope YOU have a GOOD laugh over THESE banners! :)

I'd created 'em and decided I'd seen ENOUGH banners that were serious! We're talkin' COMICS here, people! It's ALLOWED to laugh! :)

These banners appeared on the Gold-Silver-Bronze Ages, Superman, Comic Battles, and DC Comics Message Boards. Go ahead and give 'em a look, and stick around if you like 'em! :)

Tell 'em Gernot sent ya, but ya don't haveta do that for the Gold-Silver-Bronze or DC Boards. I moderate THOSE. ;)

Enjoy the banners! :)

I hope you like the banners this time around, and I'll be back with more later! Be sure to click on any banner to see it full-sized. :)

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