Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Superman And DC Greeting Cards - 2!

Hello again!

I've got some more of the old Superman greeting cards from 1978 here. Superman was King of the Hill at the time these came out, and it shows! :) The first Superman movie starring the late Christopher Reeve had just come out a year earlier, and the public couldn't get ENOUGH of the Man of Steel! Heck! -I- can't get enough of him NOW! ;)

Okay, I'll shut up now, and put up some of the cards now. :)

Well, that'll do it for now! I'll be back on Saturday with schtuff fer ya to enjoy! :) And wish me a Happy Anniversary! It's my NINTH today! ;)


  1. Love the DC promo artwork from this era. This has a Dick Giordano/Rich Buckler vibe to it. The heroes are well done and the smiles they wear seem genuine.

    Rip Off

    1. Thanks, Rip! This is PROBABLY what I miss most from this era: The heroes knowing how to be SERIOUS without being GRIM. Seriously, who's been harmed by Batman palling around with Superman and Wonder Woman, and being allowed to smile once in a while?

      Also, the writers were MUCH better back then. The censors wouldn't let them do most of the stuff that's in comics today, but the comics of yesteryear are what kept the market alive! I'd MUCH rather read a story by Julius Schwartz than Frank Miller!

      Thank goodness we have the Showcases, Essentials, and Chronicles to take us back in time! :)