Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Superman And DC Greeting Cards - 4!

Hello again! I'm back with several more of the birthday greeting cards from DC Comics of the 1970's. :)

Heh. It's kind of OBVIOUS that kids weren't the main customer base for these things! SOME of them are pretty darned risque! I've chuckled out loud at several of 'em. :)

Ennyway, here are the cards!

And I hope each of YOU enjoyed a little chuckle outta these cards! :) I'll be back this weekend with more schtuff! :)


  1. Is there any place from where I can get one of these greeting cards?

    1. I'm afraid blogs like mine are pretty much the only places you can really find the cards now, Anonymous. They were sold around 1978, about 35 years ago! You MIGHT be able to find a few of the cards on eBay, but here, you can print them out yourself. :)