Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How My Superman Toys ALMOST Got Me In Serious Trouble!

It was a few years ago, and my wife Naomi and I were both at home. Naomi was watching TV, and I'd gone into the back room to straighten out my Superman toy collection. Now, it was QUITE extensive at one point, but I'd sold much of it off back in '06.

Anyway, I'd just happened to have several figures of Superman moved on top of a dresser, when I noticed something. There were about seven of them, all wrapped in chains, or in various stages of breaking the chains, as Superman is wont to do. I'd called Naomi into the room.

"Honey! Come here!"

"What is it?"

"LOOK, Honey!"

"What IS it? I don't see anything!"

I pointed directly at the Superman toys on the dresser, and said, "Don't you SEE? SUPERMAN'S married, too!"

At that point, the sky outside darkened. Barking dogs ceased, and ran under porches, whimpering. Children playing stopped, and cried for their mothers. Women fainted, and grown men fled in terror. The skies parted, and a thunderous voice boomed down from the heavens above.

"You're on your own here, kid!"

I'm STILL paying for that mistake, guys! Save yourselves! LEARN from my error! ;)

Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you. :)


  1. Don't worry. Some day God will set you free.

    1. He already HAS! He introduced me to you, Honey! :)