Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marvel 1960's And 1970's Stickers - 3!

Good morning! Everyone ready for Halloween yet? Instead of passing out candy, you can give kids a card or sticker collection out of all the cards and stickers I've given you guys! ;)

Here are 9 more of the Marvel stickers for all of you! :)

Don't worry if you're a Spider-Man or anything, either! I've got PLENTY of stickers and cards featuring HIM coming up shortly! :)

I hope you enjoy these stickers, and I'll be back on Saturday with more cartoons and stickers! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marvel 1960's And 1970's Stickers - 2!

Good morning! I hope everyone's enjoying the weekend so far, along with the cartoons in the previous post! :) I've got nine more of the Marvel stickers from the 1960's for your enjoyment now, so let's get right to 'em! :)

Well, I hope you all like these! I'll have several more up for you come Wednesday morning, all right? :)

See ya then! :)

Cartoon Fun 45!

Hey, there! :) It's Saturday morning, and that means it's time for cartoons (ESPECIALLY if you were born in the '60's or '70's)! :)

Let's get started now! :)

Car-azy Drivers

Bugs Bunny
Mutiny On The Bunny

Roger Ramjet
Dumb Waiters

Commander McBragg

Space Ghost
Space Spectre

Fantastic Four
The Micro World Of Dr. Doom
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Well, that should keep ya satisfied for another week! I'll have more next week, and probably a special selection for Election Day in about a week! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marvel 1960's And 1970's Stickers - 1!

Good morning! :) I've got a bunch of stickers for all of you now! These all feature Marvel comics characters, and many of 'em came out around 1966, about the time of the Batman TV show. So, both comics companies had some neat stuff for us all back then! ;)

You can copy these and stick 'em anywhere you or your kids like. Have fun! :) There are about 8 more weeks of all of these coming out! :)

Well, that'll do it for now, but I'll be back on Saturday morning with several more of these for you all! :)

See ya then! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Atomic Batteries To Power, Turbines To Speed!

Good morning! I hope you're all enjoying this weekend. My vacation's almost over, but I'm gettin' some schtuff up here for your enjoyment! :)

Now, this post has NOTHING to do with Batman and Robin! I just put that in the title to have some fun. These are old bumper stickers Marvel put out waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1966, the year Batman debuted on TV. Heh. :) I figured you'd like to check 'em out, and if you like, you can even print 'em out, and either tape or glue 'em to your bumpers! :)

I found these on-line recently, YEARS after I saw 'em in comics from back then. :) Well, here they are, for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy! :)

Well, that's it for today! I've got MORE Marvel schtuff comin' up on Wednesday for all of you. THIS oughtta make all Marvel fans (and not "just" DC fans) happy with my blog! ;)

See ya then!

Cartoon Fun 44!

I'm BROKEN-HEARTED! My vacation's almost over! :( Heh. :) Well, I'll go out wit' a bang! Let's git some cartoons up. Maybe THAT will stave off my impending doom of returning to woik on Monday! ;)

Seein' Red White & Blue

Bugs Bunny
False Hare

Morto The Marauder

Super Chicken
The Noodle

The Three Stooges
The Chicken Delivery Boys

The Tickle Feather Machine
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Well, that'll do it for now! I've gotta make sure I've got clean clothes now for Monday, darn it! ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A WHOLE Lotta Super-heroes!

Good morning! I hope everyone's having a good week! I know I am, 'cause I'm on vacation this week! YaY! :)

Now, I've got six more banners with a large grouping of heroes on each banner. These were some of the first banners I made for the DC Comics Message Board, which is where these were all displayed, by the way. :)

I'd either find or make the individual gifs of each hero, and combine 'em with the background rectangle to make the banner. Then, I finally learned how to resize whole pictures without warping 'em TOO much. You'll see some more of THOSE later on! ;)

Now, let's get on with these banners! :)

Now, I've gotta get SOME sleep. My in-laws are comin' over later this week, an' I gotta get this joint cleaned up a LITTLE bit. I also wanna spend some time visitin' with 'em! :)

I hope you enjoy the banners, and I'll have more up on Saturday! :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

In Memoriam - 24 & 25

RIP to Alex Karras and Gary Collins. Both gentlemen passed away this week and will be missed.

I mostly remember Mr. Karras from his Victor, Victoria role with Julie Andrews and the late James Gardner (a VERY funny movie), and Gary Collins from his Sixth Sense TV show on Saturday nights on ABC-TV.

RIP, gentlemen.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Alex Karras

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Gary Collins

More Banners! :)

Good afternoon! I've got some more banners for all of you to check out again! These all came from the DC Comics, Justice League Of America, and the Superman Message Boards.

Hope you like 'em all! :)

Well, I hope you like these banners. I'll be back around Wednesday or so with some others for ye to glom over! :)

Cartoon Fun 43!

Hay, their! :)

I'm back with another selection of cartoons! Now, I feel it necessary to point out that SOME of these cartoons may be racist, but I do NOT feel that way at all. I play these cartoons so you and others can see what some of us others have seen in the past, NOT to offend anyone. If anyone IS offended, please accept my sincerest apologies, but it WAS a different world when these cartoons were created in the 1940's and 1950's.

With all that said, I hope everyone who watches any of these cartoons finds them in the same spirit as I did when I first viewed 'em many years ago, and enjoys them all! :)

The Island Fling

Bugs Bunny
Hare Lift
Herman & Katnip
Northwest Mousie

Milton The Monster
Monster Mutiny

The Fantastic Four

Eighth Man
How I, 8th Man, Came To Be

Well, that'll do it for THIS week! I'll be back with more cartoons NEXT weekend! Hope you enjoy these! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Few Recent Banners!

Good morning! :) I've got some banners that I made and used recently on my boards for today! :) I'm probably going to be posting two banners from each of these boards:

DC Comics,
Justice League Of America,
Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages,

Message Boards for awhile. I hope you like 'em all! :)

Well, there ya go! I'll have some more banners and a new Cartoon Fun for ye all on Saturday! YaY! I'm on vacation then, AND it's me wife's birthday this Friday! Please join me in wishing her a very Happy Birthday! :) All right! I'll see you on Saturday! :)