Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A WHOLE Lotta Super-heroes!

Good morning! I hope everyone's having a good week! I know I am, 'cause I'm on vacation this week! YaY! :)

Now, I've got six more banners with a large grouping of heroes on each banner. These were some of the first banners I made for the DC Comics Message Board, which is where these were all displayed, by the way. :)

I'd either find or make the individual gifs of each hero, and combine 'em with the background rectangle to make the banner. Then, I finally learned how to resize whole pictures without warping 'em TOO much. You'll see some more of THOSE later on! ;)

Now, let's get on with these banners! :)

Now, I've gotta get SOME sleep. My in-laws are comin' over later this week, an' I gotta get this joint cleaned up a LITTLE bit. I also wanna spend some time visitin' with 'em! :)

I hope you enjoy the banners, and I'll have more up on Saturday! :)

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