Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rejected Banners - 20!

Hello again! I've FINALLY got the LAST of the unused banners ready to go today! :) From now on, I'm only going to be making and posting banners for the following boards:

DC Comics
Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages
Justice League Of America

The following seven banners were all made for the Batman and the Comic Battles Message Boards. :)

So, I'm FINALLY done with the rejected banners, and you'll FINALLY get to see the ones I made again! :)

Just to get us started again, here are four that came from the old Cartoon Message Board from when I moderated THAT one a few years ago! :)

That'll do it for now! I'll be back on Wednesday with some new banners for you all! C'mon by the message boards, too, and talk about some of YOUR favorite comics and schtuff! :)

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