Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rejected Banners - 6!

Okay, I THOUGHT I was done with the Rejected Banners, but I was wrong! These are just too blamed UGLY for me to use! Heh. :)

They WOULD have been used on the DC Comics and Superman Message Boards if they were deemed worthy by me. And don't worry about me bein' mean to the guy who made these in the first place! -EYE- was the guy who made 'em in the first place! ;)

I forgot: ONE banner wasn't bad at all, but someone came along, and submitted a very similar banner. It's the one with all of the super-villians on it, and I figured I had enough of my own up so far, and put theirs up instead! :) Now, I'll have more schtuff posted next week sometime, so I'll be takin' orf now! :) See ya later! :)

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