Thursday, July 19, 2012

Be My Valentine! :)

Okay, I KNOW it's been a little longer than usual since I posted anything, and I humbly apologize! Life sometimes gets in the way of havin' fun, ya know? ;)

Anyway, to help celebrate the opening of the new Batman movie this weekend, I've got some old Batman valentines from the 1960's that I found on the web. :) The first picture is of the cover, and the second is the inside, of course, with the VERY first pic being the boxtop, I believe. :)

Hope ye like 'em! :)

And as a special bonus, here's another Superman birthday card I found on-line, too! :)

Just put in whomever's name you wanna give the card to, and you're set! :)

Now, I will TRY to be back with more schtuff on Saturday. I'm gonna see the new Batman movie then, and we'll talk some about it on the Batman Message Board. C'mon by, if you'd like! Tell 'em Gernot sentcha! ;)

See ya soon! :)

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