Saturday, July 28, 2012

Set The WayBack Machine, Sherman! :) 3

I'm back! And this time I brought the 1977 DC Calendar with me! :) In this calendar, our heroes go around the world to do battle with their foes.

The first two pictures are the front and back covers, and the third picture is of a poster that came with the calendar. The final twelve pictures are January - December, of course. :)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this trip down through the years. :) Don't forget: You can take ANY image, and make up a "new" calendar starring Batman or any of the other heroes you like! :)

And don't forget THIS: All of these calendar images make GREAT wallpapers for your computer! :)

I'll be back around Wednesday with somethin' again! :)


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I remember seeing the ad for this way back then, but never got my hands on it. Thanks for posting these scans!

    I don't see a lot of Marvel material around here, but the landmarks seen in this calendar reminded me of my own scan of something you might like. "Captain America & The Avengers: Lost In Time!" is an insanely loopy, nonsensical 1997 coloring book that someone at could have a field day with.

    Disclaimer: I reworked some of the art, especially the two-page spreads featuring Mount Rushmore and The White House. Didn't want to/couldn't fix everything, but there has been a little touch-up work on it.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  2. I'm glad you like the calendar, Bill! I had it years ago, and I've always liked it, myself. :)

    And that coloring book? What was Kang so upset about? He WON. He didn't WANT to send the people back in time, and they didn't want to go! Heh. :)

    The reason you don't see TOO much of Marvel schtuff is I've always been more of a DC guy. But check out the Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages Message Board! Not only do we talk about a lot of Marvel there, but there's almost always a Marvel banner at the top of the page. Like NOW! :) I even made a bunch! ;)

    YOU oughtta start a blog and show off stuff like that coloring book, too! :)

    Thanks for the comment! :)