Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pick A Team And Join Up! :)

Good evening! I'm gonna take it easy this week, and hold off on posting again until Saturday morning, but I'm posting some new stuff NOW. :)

I've got some Justice League Of America, Legion Of Super-Heroes, and Avengers membership cards and certificates. You can cut them out and print them out with whatever name you choose. Just don't try to use 'em to pick up girls. It WON'T work, trust me! LOL ;)

Your KIDS will be impressed, and will probably welcome the chance to join their favorite teams, too! :)

First, I've got the DC teams!

Now, here's the Avengers' stuff! :)

As a special bonus, here's a Superman-Tim membership card and a Junior Justice Society badge from their clubs from the 1940's! :)

Now, you and your sons/daughters/nieces/nephews/siblings/grandchildren are all ready to show off their superhero group memberships! ;)

I hope you liked all of these! I'll be back next weekend! :)

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