Sunday, September 2, 2012

Several More Banners!

All right, I've got some more banners here for all of ye to check out. Remember, too: If ANY of you think you can do BETTER at makin' these banners than me, come on by the boards and submit some! I GUARANTEE they will be used! I moderate the Justice League Of America, DC Comics, Superman, and Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages Message Boards, so you can be assured any banners submitted to these boards will be shown to all visit the boards. I prefer banners made in the 750 x 300 size, though I've got some older banners made in the old format (600 x 200) that I haven't used up yet. I'm using THOSE before I use any of my newer ones. :)

Now here are the banners I've recently used on the following boards.

DC Comics
Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages
Justice League Of America

Now, I'm SURE some of you (if not all) can do better than me! And it IS kind'a fun makin' these banners. I find it has a nice calming effect on me, and feels sort of therapeutic (sp?). Go ahead and try, and you can go to the boards and e-mail me from there! I've got the links to the boards right above the banners here! :)

I'll be back later this week with more banners for all of you, so you can see what KIND of competition I'm offerin' ya! ;) See ya then! :)

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