Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm RICH! RICH, I Sez!

Yes, I AM! Let me tell you guys HOW...

I work as a cleaner in an office building right now, and just last night I found a Victoria's Secret catalog that someone was getting rid of. I couldn't let THAT go to waste, so I checked it out. The front cover has (in VERY big letters/font) 60% OFF!

Heck! THAT'S my lawsuit! False advertising! EVERY. SINGLE. MODEL. in that catalog has a WHOLE lot more than 60% off!

Therefore, I am RICH!

Just wanted to share that story.

And for those of you who say this post is WORTHLESS without pictures, just TAKE a gander (or goose, if you prefer) at these CHICKS IN BIKINIS! :)

Maybe we can all get some kind'a class action lawsuit goin', eh? ;)

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