Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hostess Saves The Day - 21!

Good morning! It's about 2:30 AM on Sunday morning right now, and I've got the last several (about 14) Hostess ads for your enjoyment. I remember seeing these in a Marvel comic back then, and I think the first one I saw was Captain Mar-Vell vs. Nitro. I only knew Captain Mar-Vell in his green and white outfit back then, so I had NO idea who he was at first, but I was fascinated! I HAD to know more about the strange hero! That's part of why I enjoyed these things so much, I guess. Besides the familiar heroes I knew (Superman, Spider-Man, Batman), there were several I DIDN'T know of too well. I can imagine there were several other comics fans in that same situation, enjoying the heroes for the first time. :)

Ennyway, I don't wanna bore you enny-more, so I'll post the ads right now! :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed these! I'll probably start posting some banners I've made up on Wednesday morning, so come on back then, okay? See ya! :)

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