Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Different Banners!

Hello again! I'm FINALLY gonna post some new banners today after a several-weeks long absence from doing so. I figure I'll just post some other PSA's I found in another few weeks or so. :)

Now, these banners were pretty fun to make. I decided to try to re-make (to a degree some classic covers from some favorite Silver and Bronze Ages comicbook covers. See if YOU can figure out which covers they are! ;)

These all appeared on the Superman and DC Comics Message Boards. :)

Now, just for fun, here are a couple I'd used several months ago. These were also used on the DC Comics Message Board. :)

One more thing: I've got the message boards I moderate in the right-hand side of this blog, so anyone who wants to come and talk about almost any comic will be able to find the appropriate forum for doing so! :)

I'll be back on Saturday morning with some more cartoons for you all! :)

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