Sunday, April 14, 2013

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet...

Good afternoon! It's a beautiful spring day here in St. Louis and I've got some more banners for you all! Sorry about the long wait, but I'd been in the hospital again last week, and got out this past Friday. HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to stay home more than a week, and even MORE hopefully, my infections will finally disappear to never return! ;)

These banners all appeared on the Superman Message Board. If you'd like to see this week's banners that I've got posted, come on by! Submit a banner if you like! I GUARANTEE it will go up! :)

I hope you enjoy all of these, and I once again invite all seeing this to submit a banner yourself! ESPECIALLY if you think you can do better! ;) There! A CHALLENGE has been issued! :)

I'll have more banners an' schtuff later on! :)

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