Friday, September 27, 2013

80's Music Fun 001 -- 1980!

Hey there cats an' kittens, an' welcome to the foist installment of Music Fun! :) I will be putting up videos every other week for the foreseeable future, and will MAINLY be playing music from the 1980's or earlier (mostly '80's). I'm too old to have listened to much music after 1990, so that suits me JUST fine. :)

Now, a fair warning here... You MAY be overcome with nostalgia when you listen to some of this music. It may not hit now, but it WILL hit! It happened to ME during a Weird Al video on VH-1 about 20 years ago. I was suddenly overcome, missing family and other loved ones who are no longer with us. I actually had TEARS streaming down my face! I'm not telling you this to depress you, but to let you know. You MAY want to view/listen to these songs in private, especially if it's been 20-30 years since you last heard them.

Now, let's get on with the music. I've got six songs lined up, and I'll CONTINUE having that many every week. For the first 10 weeks, I'm going to go through every year during the '80's, and after that, it'll be a hodge-podge. I'll ALSO try to have the original music video where and when I can, but it's not always possible. When I cannot, I'll at least try to have the lyrics. Whichever I choose, I'll choose the version with the best sound for that song. :) Now, put on yer listenin' ears, cats, 'cause HERE WE GO! :)

Rocky Burnette
Tired Of Toein' The Line

Kim Carnes
More Love

John Mellencamp
This Time

Carole King
One Fine Day

Irene Cara

Hope you enjoyed this sampling from 1980! I'll have six more in two weeks from 1981! :)

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