Monday, September 23, 2013

Batman And Robin Memes!

I think everyone's seen many of the memes that derived from the above comicbook panel. Well, today I saw several of the memes for the first time, never having realized so many had been made. I thought to myself, "Self, YOU can make some funny jokes outta that!"

Well, I HOPE I did! I've got several of 'em here for your enjoyment(?) right here!

Well, I hope these gave you each a laugh or at least put a smile on your faces. These are all originals, too, so if you see 'em anywhere else, let me know! I've got the date stamp up above, and I'm NOT gonna sue anyone at ALL. I just wanna bask in the pride that someone ELSE liked these enough to pass 'em around. :) I'll have more schtuff for you this weekend! :)

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