Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Christmas Swag! :)

First, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I spent the last several days in the hospital, unfortunately, but hopefully that's it for quite a while! :) I also hope everyone has as quiet or loud a New Year's Eve as they want! ;)

Now, here's my Christmas Swag! I got a lotta Trade Paperbacks this year, and I'm really happy. :)

Amazon Gift Card (already used to purchase some more books on the list)
Superman Snuggie
Crisis On Multiple Earths Vol. 5 and 6
The Joker
The Many Deaths Of Batman
Superman: Man Of Steel Vol. 7
Showcase Presents Batman Vol. 5
Essential Iron Man Vol. 1
Essential Avengers Vol. 1 and 2
Meet The Millers

On Christmas Day, our downstairs neighbors came up to visit. I greeted them at the door wearing the Superman Snuggie singing "Da da da DA! Dum da DUM!" They all thought I was wearing the COOLEST Superman outfit on EARTH for a few seconds! LOL :)

I kind'a made a KILLING this year! :) LOL IF I stay up late tonight, I'll be either reading or watching a DVD. ;)

I hope everyone of you had at LEAST as good of a Christmas as I did! :)

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