Friday, March 7, 2014

Music Fun 23!

Hello again, Waiters and Waitresses! I've got a new Music Fun all set to go!

Foist, though, we've got a request to git out! :)

Nose Norton writes:

Although this song is a bit bleaker than what's usually played on 80's Music Fun, I think Dirty Blvd by Lou Reed is a great 80's song. Any chance of playing it on the video jukebox?

Sorry, Nose! There's absolutely NO way I'll ever play THAT song on Music Fun! I've gotta have SOME standards!

Here's yer song! :)

Lou Reed
Dirty Boulevard

Well, that's THIS week's long distance dedication! Let's get back to the countdown! In at Numbers One thru Six are these little numbers. Let's listen to each one, shall we? There'll be a test afterwards, so pay attention! ;)

Michael Jackson
Beat It

Weird Al Yankovic
Eat It

Patrick Hernandez
Born To Be Alive

John Mellencamp
The Authority Song

Cyndi Lauper
Change Of Heart

Def Leppard
Rock Of Ages

Well, that's it for another week! Remember, keep those head above water and don't forget to breathe! ;)

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