Friday, March 21, 2014

Music Fun 25!

Hello again, Germs and Viruses! I'm back after an extended absence with several more songs from the decade I like to call the '80's: The 1980's!

Foist, we've got a new request from our old friend Nose Norton. Nose writes:

I have a song that I've wanted to request for a few weeks, but with the announcement of the death of Scott Kalvert, director of The Basketball Diaries, on the Comcast homepage, I'm inspired to request People Who Died by the Jim Carroll Band...

So, widdout foither adieu, here's your request, Nose! ;)

Jim Carroll
People Who Died

And now, on with the rest of this week's selections! :)

I Can't Hold Back

Christine McVie
Got A Hold On Me

Robert Palmer
Addicted To Love

Weird Al Yankovic
Addicted To Spuds

Nu Shooz
Point Of No Return

Billy Idol
Dancing With Myself

Welp, that'll do it for another week, music lovers! I'll have more of the same, only different, NEXT week! ;)

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