Saturday, September 6, 2014

Music Fun 49!

Hay their! :) I'm back with some more moozik videos an' such! 'Fore I start orf my list, here's a request from our ol' friend Nose Norton, who types:

Requests! How about Used To Love Her by Guns And Roses?

Well, here you go, Nose! I'm glad YOU requested this song, 'cause it's gonna be a few years before I choose one'a their songs voluntarily! LOL :D

Guns 'N' Roses
Used To Love Her

Thanks for your request, Nose! And THAT'S why you all need to make requests! If I don't care for the song, it'll be a long time before I play it! The only way around that is for you to request it! :)

Now on to MY songs! :)

Corey Hart
Sunglasses At Night

Peter Schilling
Major Tom

Pat Benatar
Here's My Heart

Jermaine Stewart
We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off

Nu Shooz
I Can't Wait

Stevie Nicks
I Can't Wait

Well, that's it for another week! Don't forget to make YOUR request known to me, and I'll make it known to the world! :)

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