Saturday, November 15, 2014

Music Fun 58!

Hello again! It's a cold day and supposed to get colder with some snow comin' down today. Stay inside and dance for awhile! We've got a request here to start ya out! :)

Nose Norton types:
I'd like to request Mystery Achievement by The Pretenders for next time.

Thanks for the request, Nose! Here's yer song! ;)

The Pretenders
Mystery Achievement

And now you can rock or go to sleep or whatever you wanna do with MY choices! :)

Love's Got A Line On You

Joan Jett
Do You Wanna Touch Me?

Huey Lewis & The News
If This Is It

Simple Minds
Alive And Kicking

Christine McVie
Love Will Show Us How

John Mellencamp
Small Town

Well, that's all of 'em for this week! I hope you liked all the songs, 'cause I'm gonna be here again next week with different songs from the same decade! :)

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