Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 75th Anniversary, Superman!

That's right! This month marks Superman's 75th anniversary! For those of you youngsters who think Stan Lee created all of the comics right after he created Spider-Man, Superman was first published in June, 1938 in Action Comics #1, and the comics world was never the same! :)

I actually dressed up as Superman for Halloween a few times, too. The first time was in seventh grade (my last Trick Or Treat) and I wore a Sunday School teacher's Superman sweatshirt, a sister's ballerina tights, and red swimming trunks. Yeah, I was a MESS! LOL :D

The next time was in 1983 for work. We were allowed to dress up, and I came to work as Clark (Superman) Kent! I wore glasses back then, borrowed a friend's fedora, and wore an \S/ T-shirt. :) I did the same thing in 1988 for Superman's 50th Anniversary for a friend's Halloween party. :)

No, I'm NOT gonna dress up as Superman THIS year! :)

I created the following card for MySpace friends a few years back and was able to find it recently. Now's the perfect chance to showcase it. You can use it for the Superman fan in YOUR life, too! :)

So, once again, Happy Anniversary to my favorite comics character! I'm really looking forward to the new movie this month, too! :)

I'll be back later this week with more new stuff! See ya! :)

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