Sunday, June 16, 2013

Superman, The Man Of Steel!


Well, I saw the new movie, and I enjoyed about 98% of it! I liked this Zod as much as I did Terrence Stamp's version, as well as the new Faora. Henry Cavill was good as Superman, and will take the bitter taste out of people's mouths of Brandon Routh's Superman movie. That's NOT to say Mr. Routh wasn't good. On the CONTRARY! I enjoyed his version of The Man Of Tomorrow, but he oculdn't do much with the script he was handed.

I look forward to a Justice League movie from Warner Bros. someday, and they actually taken teeny-tiny baby steps in that direction already! There was a LexCorp truck and a Wayne Enterprises satellite in the movie. :)

Now, for the part I did NOT like:

Superman should not have to kill!

True, he killed in the Golden Age, but quit shortly into his life. Superman shouldn't even be put into a situation where it's preferable that he kill! Luthor and Joker can kill one or two people at a time, but when DC started having each one kill a hundred people at a time, it makes Superman and Batman look bad for not killing their enemies and safeguarding the public.

That, thankfully, was about all I didn't like about the movie. Thank Goodness! :)

One more thing I DID like: I liked how they showed how much more powerful Superman was over every other hero! See? :)

Once again, I DID enjoy the movie. I'd like to see it again, and will DEFINITELY own the DVD after it comes out. :)

That's it for now, and I'll be back later. :) See ya!

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  1. Yeah, I guess we disagree. I thought it was terrible. The whole Pa Kent, "don't trust us humans" thing was just wrong. I don't want to live in this DC Warner Bros universe. :-(