Friday, June 20, 2014

Music Fun 38!

Greetings, Music lovers (and everyone else)! I've got some more hits from the decade I like to call the '80's, 'cause that' its name! :)

Foist orf, we've got some requests!

Whispering Hands writes:
Could I request Downbound Train by Bruce Springsteen? 1984 had a lot of great songs.

Nose Norton writes:
Ok! Can I hear Yesterday Girl by The Smithereens?

Paste Pot Pete writes:
You could play the Weird Al version. I think I'm a clone now.

Yes you CAN, WH and Nose! And yes -I- can, PPP! Here are yer requests!

Bruce Springsteen
Downbound Train

The Smithereens
Yesterday Girl

Weird Al Yankovic
I Think I'm A Clone Now

Now, here are MY picks! :)

Kip Addotta
Wet Dream

Images In Vogue
Lust For Love

Samantha Fox
I Only Want To Be With You

Frank Stallone
Far From Over

Kim Mitchell
Go For A Soda

Kenny Loggins
Nobody's Fool

That's another week's woith of moozik fer all of ye! I'll have a new Music Fun for your enjoyment in another week! Be here or don't! ;)

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