Friday, July 18, 2014

Marvel Cards - 2!

Hello again! I just learned these cards WERE used in a game similar to Old Maid back in 1978 or so. Now, I've never played Old Maid, but here's a link to wikipedia so you can learn.

I also got my hands on the OTHER ten cards in the set, making for 20 total. I've got them here so you can print out your own set and play if you like. :)

Here are the final ten cards! :)

Heh. I ALSO just noticed that the X-Men are quite conspicuous in their absence. There's NO representation of them here: No Wolverine, NOTHING. Heh. How times would change in another year or three, eh? :)

Well, I hope you like these cards, and I'll be back later with more schtuff for you. :)

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