Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Set The WayBack Machine, Sherman! :) 2

Hay, their! :)

This time I'm gonna show youse good peoples the 1976 DC Calendar, all drawn by Neal Adams! Now, in MY opinion, Adams is practically a god! I've heard some not-so good things about him over the last few years, but NONE of that will take away from my admiration and love of his artwork! :)

Now, I'll shut up and let you see the calendar. The first picture is the cover, and the second is the last page, for your information. :)

Now, as soon as I have the LAST calendar posted, you'll be able to make up your OWN calendars with YOUR favorite heroes! :)

I'll PROBABLY be back this weekend, but it's me boit'day! I may take it off. :) And it IS the Super Bowl, so who knows yet? We'll see! :)

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the big game! :)

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