Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wonder Bread 1970's Trading Cards - 2

Hello, again! I'm gonna post some more of the Wonder Bread cards now. None of these will feature the DC characters, but there'll be more of the heroes coming up this Wednesday when I post more! :) Here are several more Warner Bros. cartoon characters! :)

I'll be back Wednesday with more DC AND Warner characters! :)


  1. Honey Bunny... isn't she sweet? :D
    They should keep using Honey Bunny instead of Lola...

    BTW, there's a website dedicated to Honey Bunny:

    1. Ha! That's neat, Marek! I never knew Honey Bunny had been around so long. I thought she was created JUST for the cards. Thanks for the link, and I just liked her page! :)