Saturday, February 25, 2012

Superman Around The World! 2

Hello, again! :)

Heh. I'm FINALLY gonna put up some banners again! :) Here's the reason why I can't put 'em up every week. Not every moderator of the boards I submit banners to changes the banner every week. They'll keep the banner up for almost a MONTH sometimes. I'm used to the original mods changing their banners usually on Saturday or Sunday, and that's how I've done it since I started.

Also, if someone ELSE submits a banner, I'll put theirs up, too, on the board. If they submit more than one, I'll alternate 'em with mine. So, THAT'LL slow down this blog a tad. :)

Now, THESE banners are the ones I'd first put up for the Superman Message Board. I'd asked posters there to give the names of their hometowns without telling 'em why. When I started posting the banners below, they all understood. :)

McAlester, OK, is where my wife Naomi is from, and St. Louis, MO, is where I hail from! :)

Now, I'll shut up and let you view the banners and hopefully enjoy 'em! :)

I hope you enjoyed these banners. I'll be back later with SOMETHING for all of you to check out! :)

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