Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wonder Bread 1970's Trading Cards - 1

These cards came out in 1974, and my public school library handed them out to us kids when we checked out books back then. I had a few of 'em, but most of what I had were the game cards (which will go up in a later post), and the Warner Bros. characters. I finally found 'em all on-line, and wanted to put 'em all up, so here they are! Now, you can resize all that you want to the dimensions of a regular baseball card and collect the ones you want. :)

I'll have the other cards up later. :) Enjoy!

I'll have ALL the cards I have up in about 3-4 more posts! :)


  1. Ehhh, What's up Doc! - Bugs Bunny

    1. Ha! I'm glad you liked these, Mel! I know the jokes are corny, and the artwork's not the best, but it was great getting these cards when I was a kid. I HAD to post all of these when I started finding 'em on-line. Heh. Took me around a year or two to FIND 'em all! It's WORTH it, 'cause of how many others like 'em, though. :)