Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hostess Saves The Day - 1!

Good morning! :) This time around, I'm gonna showcase the old Hostess comicbook ads that were so prevalent in the mid- to late-'70's in so many comics.

One thing I'd've really liked to have seen would've been The Lone Ranger teaming up with Twinkie The Kid or Popeye the Sailor Man teaming up with Commodore Cupcake to bring in their evil-doers. ;)

Now, most of these came from , but several did NOT. I HOPE I've got a pretty comprehensive line-up. You'll be seeing them at roughly ten each post.

Now, get yourselves a snack cake of some sort, and sit back and enjoy these! :)

Man, if I'd known this stuff was all it took to fight crime! ;)

All right! I'll have some more goodies for you all on Saturday morning. Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

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