Saturday, December 8, 2012

Let's Have A Laugh--4!

Good morning, all! :)

At long last, I've FINALLY got some more banners goin' up! I'll be postin' these for the next several posts, and then go on to somethin' else again. :)

Now, these came from the DC Comics and the Justice League Of America Message Boards. Soon as ya get done checkin' these out, come on by the boards and chat a bit! :)

I hope you enjoyed these banners. They're very much like the letter column headers comics used to have before they got rid of their letters pages. Remember, if you think YOU can do better, I'll be happy to post YOUR banners on the following boards:

DC Comics
Justice League Of America
Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages

I change the banners every Saturday morning, unless something unforeseen comes up, and when THAT happens, I'll explain when I DO change 'em. I'm in charge of all four of the above banners, and I GUARANTEE your banner WILL be posted for all to see! :)

Now, I'll be back early Wednesday with more banners for you to check out, and MAYBE be inspired by! ;)

See ya then!

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