Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ghosts Of Halloween Present!

Happy Halloween! This time I've got the banners I've been putting up for the past month on the DC Board, as well as the current ones on it and the Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages Board.

The reason I've got more DC banners here is because I very recently became the moderator on the GSBA board, and some posters had some banners already made in their files. Their banners provided me a chance to stockpile a few banners for that board. :)

Here are today's banners for you. Enjoy!

You'll notice I used a LOT of the Spectre in these banners. He had a fantastic series in the 1970's in Adventure Comics that I always got a kick out of. I guess I couldn't resist using him! :)

Happy Halloween! I'll be back later with more banners! :)

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