Sunday, October 16, 2011

Several More!

I've got quite a few banners to go through this time around. I don't even know if all of these had been used in the past. I KNEW I had 'em, though, SOMEWHERE in my files, and finally found 'em this weekend! :)

You'll notice that a LOT of 'em are very plain, and don't have much on 'em at all. This is because these are some of my very earliest creations, and I just wanted to get 'em up. I didn't care if they were great or not, but I DID wanna go for SOME kind of originality. :)

All of these banners came from The Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages Message Board and The Justice League Of America Message Board. I've always liked the Justice Society Of America, and that's why I did the one with the original Green Lantern and Flash, and the Spider-Man/Archies one was just created for fun. It turned out to be the ONLY Spider-Man banner the moderator had for the board at the time, and THAT turned out to be the one used to celebrate the first Spider-Man movie when it first came out several years back! :)

This banner is the one I'd posted here, but in a larger size, and with the name of the message board on it. :) It's still one of my favorite banners with several of my favorite serials displayed on it. :)

Now, I'll be back later with more banners that I hope you'll like! :)

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