Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Few More!

Okay, these weren't part of the Cartoon Board, but rather the Golden, Silver, Bronze Ages Message Board. Now, at this writing, I don't have a banner up on the board, but I think I have a few on a COUPLE of boards. :)

Click on the link above if you think you might like to check out the board. :)

The above banner was also used for a Yahoo fan club for old serials I once ran. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the copy that stated it was for the Gold-Silver-Bronze Board, but otherwise it's the same. I grew up on these old serials, and they're still a LOT of fun. If you've got a superhero fan in your life, you might want to look into getting them a copy of their favorite hero in an old serial. :)

The next banner actually features the same actor portraying two different serial heroes back in the 1940's: Superman and Blackhawk, hence the joke. Kirk Alyn was actually one of the bigger serial stars along with Buster (Flash Gordon) Crabbe and a few others.

I'll have more later! I have over 100 more, with more which haven't been used yet. :)

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