Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The DC Universe On Display! :)

I'm going to have more DC Universe banners than any other, with the possible exception of the Cartoon banners. I just became a co-moderator on the DC Universe Message Board, which is where you'll see more banners I've done. :)

Now, in the beginning, I made up banners showcasing the different characters in my favorite comics universe. I'm just gonna showcase a few right now. :)

I kind'a dig how these banners came out. I'm able to mix different eras of the DC Universe with each other, like Crisis On Infinite Earths. I also always got kicks out of DC's heroes meeting counterparts from other Earths, like the JSA/JLA team-ups of years gone by.

I'll be back later on and post more banners for your (hopeful) enjoyment! :)

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