Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Superman Around The World! 1

One More Night, One More Night...

(With apologies to Phil Collins)

DC Comics restarted their entire line of comics with fifty-two new #1's in September, 2011. That means several heroes were never born, never survived certain battles, never adopted their heroic identities, or were never married.

In the last category, Superman was never married, along with the Flash and other heroes. Knowing this, I made several banners with Superman flying Lois (Kent) Lane around the country and world, enjoying a few last nights together.

Here are the banners, which all appeared on the Superman Message Board:

New York was a no-brainer to have our heroes visit, especially as parts of New York have been said to have been the model for Metropolis. :)

Hawaii was also an easy choice for Superman and Lois to visit, as they'd had their honeymoon there in the comics back in 1996 when they got married. :)

Finally, St. Louis! St. Louis is MY hometown, and I MADE these banners. If I want Superman to visit here, he'll VISIT here! ;)

Oh, and kids? Don't be fooled! Spider-Man did NOT marry his girlfriend first. SUPERMAN did it back in 1978! True, it was the Golden-Age, Earth-2 version that married his Lois Lane, but no matter HOW you slice it, Superman did it first! :)

I'll be back with more banners later! :)

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