Sunday, September 18, 2011

Justice Banners Of America!

A few years ago, I moderated the Justice League Of America message board, and created several banners for it, during and after my tenure there. :)

I grew up on the original JLA, but didn't know all of the members' names until sometime in the '70's, in high school. Like, who is that GREEN guy on the team? ;) And I was always kind'a partial to Green Arrow, 'cause we share the same initials. ;)

These last two are triptychs from DC card sets in 1993. I found the mini-sets on-line and wanted to use 'em for banners. I think these two really came out well, and I enjoyed this version of the JLA with Superman by Dan Jurgens. I still wanna get a TPB of this era of Justice League! :)

Now, the Justice League International era with Green Lantern, Power Girl, Flash, and Elongated Man wasn't quite as good in my opinion, but still provided some fun reading. :)

This last banner comes from the cover of Justice League of America #1, released in September 2011. I've not read it yet, but may after it comes out in paperback. The newest comics don't seem to be quite as much fun as those of the Gold, Silver, Bronze Ages, or even beyond. Ah, well. I still have my reprints of the older comics! :)

I'll be back later with more schtuff! :)

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