Friday, September 16, 2011

Some More Mix 'N' Mash Ups!

It was fun mixing up the cartoon universes, having Popeye meet Underdog, Superman meet Birdman, and so on. Here are some more banners in that vein. :)

I probably would've LOVED a funny-animal Justice League cartoon with these characters when I was 5! Heck, I'd probably love it NOW. ;)

Now, for the heroes!

And I'd have gone CRAZY to have had these characters teaming up back in the '60's (especially since this version of Hercules and Captain Planet didn't come about until the '90's!), but having Superman meeting up with Space Ghost, Batman, and Birdman would'a blown my young mind back then. These guys were the coolest guys on Earth after Dad! :)

Now, I admit I wouldn't have cared for these women when I was 5, but about 10 years later, they'd've held my attention on Saturday mornings! Penelope Pitstop was the only one on Saturday morning when I was 6 years old, anyway! ;)

I'll have more banners for all to see later! :)

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