Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Buds

No, this ISN'T about Superman and Batman, but rather Green Lantern and the Flash! It's a shame DC never came up with a catchy nickname for this crime-fighting duo, as they did for Superman and Batman (World's Finest).

Anyway, I've got 4 banners here featuring Green Lantern(s) and the Flash, which were of course, on the Flash and Green Lantern Message Boards! :)

I always got a kick out of both Earths' Green Lanterns and enjoyed their occasional team-ups, so I just decided to show each one of 'em with their ring-charging oaths. :)

I always felt Flash lent himself to a comedic atmosphere moreso than Green Lantern, hence the banners. I also always felt Flash should be the fastest man alive, so I put him in the lead, of course. :)

The second banner was inspired by a MAD magazine joke from the Wrath of Khan Star Trek movie. In the parody, Khan's ship radioed to the Enterprise "We have you surrounded!" The Enterprise radioed back: "How? You're only ONE ship!" To which Khan replied, "We have a VERY fast ship!" I stole that joke for the second Flash banner! :)

Now, I'll be back later with more banners! :)

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