Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Golden-Silver-Bronze Age!

These two banners appeared on the Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages Message Board, and I'll have a few more up in the coming weeks and months. :)

Not too much to say about this banner, except it was a little fun to showcase the different outfits Batman and Robin wore in 1949 and 1966. I even added the Bat-fight sound effects on the top of the banner when I made it 2-3 years ago. :)

This is another joke banner I'd made like the Superman/Blackhawk banner, except this time, the actor is Tom Tyler. He portrayed Captain Marvel and Phantom in the very early 1940's. His Captain Marvel captured the flying special effects not improved upon until the first Christopher Reeve Superman film came out in 1978. I also found his Phantom serial to be a LOT of fun to watch, but unfortunately neither serial saw a true sequel. The Phantom did (SORT of), but the hero only wore the Phantom's mask and cowl and was called Captain Africa.

I'll have more posts put up later! :)

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