Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Schtuff!

This time I've got some Legion Of Super-Heroes Message Board banners and Batman Message Board banners by Neal Adams (the BEST Batman artist EVER). :)

Now, I was always a fan of the Silver and Bronze Age Legions, and that's what these two banners will reflect. :)

I didn't care much for the Legion after DC had Superboy leave, though. Some of the "magic" left, and it never quite returned.

As I said before, I always enjoyed Batman and Robin more than just Batman, and the contrast in the colors of their uniforms really struck me. :) Even though I didn't like THE Batman at first, one thing I DID like was that contrast Batman and Robin showed.

One thing that I always liked was how Robin was ALWAYS older than me, until about 1980, the year he dropped out of college. I was ALWAYS older than Robin after that, and for some reason, that NEVER felt right! LOL :)

I'll be back later with more banners for your perusal! :)

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