Monday, October 24, 2011

Some OLD Banners!

This time around, I've got two of the very first banners I ever made! These are VERY plain, with just the characters on 'em. :) These appeared on The Golden-Silver-Bronze Ages Message Board.

It was funny when I posted the Dick Tracy banner, because no one really knew much about him! Conversations were short and few THAT week! LOL :)

Now, the Popeye banner was MUCH more popular! We ALL knew a lot more about him, and loved the character! The week I posted this Popeye banner saw the birth of something I called "Cartoon Fun." Every week I'd post about 10 cartoons from youtube and that proved pretty popular. It also led to me becoming the moderator of the now-defunct Cartoon Board. The reason I quit doing so was because of a brother's suicide a couple of years back.

I'm STILL makin' a lot of the banners, though, and I'm moderating/co-moderating two different boards now. :)

I'll be back with more later! :)

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